2 March 15:03

Promo code: ANT

Asocks is a service that provides high quality proxies of all types to ensure safety and anonymity on the Internet. 

These proxies fit perfectly in conjunction with AntBrowser because:
- They don't encrypt traffic, making you look more like a regular user - an important aspect when working with AntBrowser. 
- No restrictions on the number of ports. 
- Large IP pool - over 7M. 
- Payment only on the fact of use.
- No tariffs and hidden fees. 
- 150+ GEO for any request.
- 97% successful connections and high response rate.
- Single price for mobile, resident and corporate proxies - 3$/1GB. 
- For AntBrowser users there is a special promo code for 3GB of free traffic - ANT, as well as 24/7 support.

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