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Hi :UserName!

It's been a while since we've written anything, we've been working on improvements to our favorite AntBrowser.

We have great news, as you can see, we have installed a global update that brings a lot of new and useful features,
1. The ability to shering profiles for the team
2. Mass renaming of profiles
3. Added profile start page type options
4. Improved support for mobile proxies
5. Added profile cart
6. Added flexible comments to profiles
7. Added profile statuses
8. Added possibility of full customization of the set of fields in the list of profiles
9. Introduced a flexible rate schedule to help you find exactly what you need and not pay more.
10. Completely redesigned the UI/UX
11. Added support for dark/light/auto UI theme
12. Support for 7 interface languages
13. Improved kernel
14. Improved performance
15. Now absolutely all your profiles can be saved to the cloud.

Regards, AntBrowser team

22 February 21:32

What's a New Year without presents? 

We have prepared a very big update, which will contain a lot of new and useful things for you, and this is just the beginning! 
In 2024 we are waiting for global updates that will bring AntBrowser to a whole new level!

Oh yes, catch a gift if you buy a license for 1 year you will get +3 months as a gift, if you buy a license for 6 months +1 month bonus.

After renewing the license write to the support and get promo codes!

31 December 2023 г. 12:04

Hello! We hasten to inform you that from 14.08.2023 price will change!

We delayed this moment for a long time, until the last moment we tried to keep the price, but since the exchange rate has changed, absolutely everything has risen in price, we are also forced to raise the cost of our services.

But you remember that we love our customers, so we want to give you time to buy without going up, which means saving.

Hurry up to buy a license for a period of 6 months at the old price until 19.08❗️

Sincerely, AntBrowser Team

13 August 2023 г. 12:24