Ant RoboHeaters - Part 2 24 March 2020 г. 14:25

Hello dear :UserName!

We have prepared for you a portion of new updates :)

  • As you have already noticed, heaters become more advanced, now you have an opportunity to heat profile not only in the first activation, but also at any time convenient for you. To do this, you need to go to the section My heaters and run the right one.
  • Proxy authorization has been improved - now the appearance of the authorization window is minimized.
  • Thecore of the antidetect has been improved - now finding you has become even more difficult :)

Thank you for choosing AntBrowser!

Further - more ;)

AntBrowser Team


Ant RoboHeaters 20 March 2020 г. 20:05

Hello dear :UserName!

And again, we have another batch of updates for you, namely:

  • The heating of profiles has been reworked, thanks to which, creating heaters has become much faster and more efficient, you just need to specify a list of sites and the range of time spent on them. Now you can choose the types of passes on sites:
    • entire list (in this case, a passage will be made to all indicated sites of the heater)
    • selectively (here you specify the range of the number of sites that will be selected from the list for heating).
  • Fixed Facebook rendering and fixed incorrect display of the notification section.
  • Added Emoji support for Windows.
  • Now you can choose to display bookmarks in the browser panel:
    • display only icons
    • display icons and bookmark names.
  • The correct operation of Google AdWords has been restored.
  • By popular demand, the ability to purchase weekly access has been added.

Thank you for staying with us, further more :)                                                                                 

Regards, the AntBrowser team.


Hello :UserName!

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