Welcome, :UserName!

We have a mega-news for you!

Our team has done a great job to make it even more comfortable and easier for you to work with us! 
We present to your attention a list of new features and capabilities in AntBrowser:

  • for the safety of your profile data, introduced two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator;
  • introduced the possibility of forced shutdown WebRTC and geolocation;
  • the ability to specify a mask for the local IP for WebRTC;
  • fixed bug causing mixing profiles;
  • redesigned group management section;
  • introduced the possibility of cloning profiles (now you can easily clone a profile, including fingerprints and his data),
  • so, if you for example work in a team, several employees can work with the same profile;
  • introduced the possibility of purchasing a license from the personal account;
  • introduced the possibility of export Cookies;
  • introduced the ability to synchronize your profile data with our servers, what could you synchronize Cookies, Tabs and other profile data between your devices;
  • introduced the ability to work in a team that includes transferring profiles between team members, making a license purchase for specified team members by one of the members, providing general access within the team for proxies, heaters, user agent lists and blockers.

In the near future, you expect a new portion of the update, namely:

  • ability to create mobile profiles;
  • Linux-version;
  • Android-version(for tablets and mobile devices);
  • collection of messages for Avito and Youla;
  • integration with AntiCaptcha.

If you have thoughts about improving the system, we are waiting for your suggestions in the "Have an idea".

Stay with us, together we will create an anti-detection of the future!

AntBroser team.

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