Ant International Release 9 February 2020 г. 22:47

Hello dear :UserName! 

We really appreciate our users, together with you we grow and develop, many of you have asked the English version of AntBrowser very much - you need it, done!

Now two versions are available for our users: Russian and English, choose which one you need and download.

The news does not end there)

Catch the next batch of updates:                                                        

  • Provided support for LikePusher Cookies (Base64).
  • Added the ability to specify screen resolution during mass profile creation.
  • Now you can specify the geolocation during the mass creation of profiles: now you can set the geolocation separately for each profile, as well as set the base with the specified distance between the profiles.
  • Added the date field of the last profile activation - now you see when the profile was last used.
  • Updated versions of user agents.
  • Fixed sorting profiles by name.
  • Fixed mobile profiles.

And this is just the smallest of all the updates that are waiting for you in the near future!

Thank you for choosing us!

AntBrowser Team

Вадим Кушиц
Спасибо, это лучшее что я использовал
14 February 2020 г. 16:46Answer
Спасибо! Оперативно подправили. Супербраузер!
12 February 2020 г. 14:59Answer
Невозможно сделать сортировку по числам как раньше. Пример: 1) профиль Название 10.02 2) профиль Название: 08.02 3) профиль Название: 12.02 Сейчас они в ряд автоматом не выстоятся. Верните пожалуйста старый порядок сортировки профилей или добавьте в настройки возможность его вернуть. Сейчас полная абракадабра в сортировке.
10 February 2020 г. 23:55Answer
10 February 2020 г. 0:35Answer
10 February 2020 г. 0:21Answer