Ant RoboHeaters 20 March 2020 г. 20:05

Hello dear :UserName!

And again, we have another batch of updates for you, namely:

  • The heating of profiles has been reworked, thanks to which, creating heaters has become much faster and more efficient, you just need to specify a list of sites and the range of time spent on them. Now you can choose the types of passes on sites:
    • entire list (in this case, a passage will be made to all indicated sites of the heater)
    • selectively (here you specify the range of the number of sites that will be selected from the list for heating).
  • Fixed Facebook rendering and fixed incorrect display of the notification section.
  • Added Emoji support for Windows.
  • Now you can choose to display bookmarks in the browser panel:
    • display only icons
    • display icons and bookmark names.
  • The correct operation of Google AdWords has been restored.
  • By popular demand, the ability to purchase weekly access has been added.

Thank you for staying with us, further more :)                                                                                 

Regards, the AntBrowser team.