Welcome,  :UserName!

As you have already  noticed, your browser has been updated to PRO-version. In the near future, new updates are waiting for you, which will include the following:

  • teamwork;
  • sharing (transfer) profiles between users;
  • work with several devices with saving and transporting cookies between them;
  • modules for working with Avito, such as: the collection of messages, the number of views on ads and much more;
  • module for collecting messages from Youla;
  • Linux version;
  • mobile version of the browser;
  • sharing the proxy list inside the command;
  • proxy usage log.

The project moved to a new level, and in connection with its reorganization, the staff was increased. Due to the extra cost of development of new functionality, we have to report about revising price policy from March 20, 2019 March 31, 2019. But! You still have time to buy a license for the required period at current price and get future updates absolutely free.

Also, please pay attention to new skype of technical support: live:antbrowser

We appreciate each client and listen to his opinion, so we remind you if you have a good idea, offer it to us, and we are happy to implement it.

Thank you for choosing us!

Team of AntBrowser.


El Termito - The Biggest Update 4 March 2019 г. 12:30

Big update

:UserName, welcome We're glad to announce that we have had one of the largest updates in the history of the browser.Updates have touched almost all areas of the browser.And so let's get down to business.

Improved browser speed. Now the browser will spend less RAM, which will affect the comfort of working on weak computers.

Next on the list is a new feature for fine-tuning profiles, which will help make your profiles even more unique. If you do not want the flexibility to customize your profile, the browser will always do this automatically.

Number of the processor cores
The option allows you to configure the number of cores on your virtual profile = computer.

RAM size
In addition to the number of cores, you can specify the amount of RAM. The amount of memory and the number of processor cores allow you to make an even more unique profile.

Geolocation and Lat Lng Map
An interesting option that will be an additional protection against the detection of your real location. In addition to the city of your Proxy-service, you can also select the corresponding location of coordinates.

To select the coordinates you just click on the link on the map and select the location.

Optional unique parameter that allows you to emulate the number of connected Audio Devices on a profile.

Optional screen change
Now you can decide for yourself whether to resize the window on a specific profile.

Profile description
A small addition that you can fill out when creating a profile. This information is visible only to you in your account.

Another big innovation is the default settings, which you can specify, and all new profiles created by you will already be the default parameters.

You can set such parameters:

Default time zone for new profile
Default language for new profile
Default heater for new profile

We also expanded the format for the import of cookies. Now it supports Netscape cookies-format.

And an important update concerns Proxy.

If you use Socks4 and Socks5 proxy and have some difficulty with the connection, you can manually specify one of the following parameters depending on the type Proxy:


Just add it to your proxy in profile.

We remind you that you can always offer your Ideas in eponymous section.

We are waiting for your comments to this update.


Свежие обновления 17 February 2019 г. 12:30

Приветствуем, :UserName!

Спешим сообщить, что мы провели работу по улучшению стабильности браузера и личного кабинета.

Давайте пройдем по пунктам:

1) Исправлена синхронизация переключения профиля в браузере с личным кабинетом

Данная проблема проявлялась, как будто профиля “перемешивались”, на самом деле физического перемешивания не происходило, но создавалась такая видимость.

2) Изменение размера окна в зависимости от разрешения экрана

Данная проблема появлялась в виде не прорисованных элементов некоторых сайтов. Сейчас браузер физически меняет размер окна в зависимости от того разрешения экрана, которое установлено у вас в профиле.

3) Возможность свернуть/развернуть группы

При клике на группу профилей вы можете развернуть или свернуть нужную вам группу. Так же появилась возможность свернуть и выделить все группы одним кликом.


4) Массовая смена групп

При выделении нужных профилей вы можете переместить их в другую группу. Для этого просто выделите нужные вам профиля и нажмите на кнопку “Массовая смена групп”.


5) Добавлено автозаполнение для olx.kz, mail.ru

Добавили автозаполнение логина и пароля для почты mail.ru и сайта olx.kz

Ждем от вас новые идеи и комментарии.