Ant International Release 9 February 2020 г. 22:47

Hello dear :UserName! 

We really appreciate our users, together with you we grow and develop, many of you have asked the English version of AntBrowser very much - you need it, done!

Now two versions are available for our users: Russian and English, choose which one you need and download.

The news does not end there)

Catch the next batch of updates:                                                        

  • Provided support for LikePusher Cookies (Base64).
  • Added the ability to specify screen resolution during mass profile creation.
  • Now you can specify the geolocation during the mass creation of profiles: now you can set the geolocation separately for each profile, as well as set the base with the specified distance between the profiles.
  • Added the date field of the last profile activation - now you see when the profile was last used.
  • Updated versions of user agents.
  • Fixed sorting profiles by name.
  • Fixed mobile profiles.

And this is just the smallest of all the updates that are waiting for you in the near future!

Thank you for choosing us!

AntBrowser Team


Export profiles data 8 July 2019 г. 14:44

Hi, :UserName!

We really appreciate you and always try to improve our product for your convenience.

Many of the users asked to enter the ability to export profile data, such as a proxy and information about autofilling, and we, of course, listened to this idea and brought it to life!

To export, you need to select the desired profile or group of profiles and click "Export profiles data".

Now Your reconciliation will be much faster and more productive!

We are waiting for your ideas, because together we can create the antidetect of future!

AntBrowser team.


Hello, :UserName!

Thank you for choosing us!

Thanks to your ideas, we are constantly improving our product and creating a new level of anti-detection! Today, it has been found a big update, which we have implemented the latest antidetekt functions:

  1. As you have already noticed, if the window size is larger than the resolution specified in the profile settings, the Viewport of the page is rendered in accordance with the profile settings, which completely eliminates the detection of the actual screen resolution by anti-fraud systems, as well as an informative panel with characteristics of the current profile.
  2. A mobile profile type has been introduced and now each mobile profile is not just a mobile user agent, but it is also a bypass of the basic methods for detecting mobile devices, some of which are:
    • screen resolution substitution for mobile devices,
    • substitution of information about the video chip,
    • disable the visibility of events caused by mouse movement,
    • battery charge level,
    • emulation of the actions of the gyroscope of the mobile device.
  3. Implemented the ability to sort groups.
  4. Redesigned browser settings section.

From today, AntBrowser has moved to a new stage of development.

We appreciate our customers and listen to their wishes, so if you have a great idea - offer it, and we gladly implement it.

Team AntBrowser.